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The Liebherr Group has a decentralized organizational structure and comprises 13 product segments. The highest level of management within the Group is a shareholders’ committee made up exclusively of members of the Liebherr family.

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Peiner Smag

Provides a wide range of Grabs to handle a variety of bulk cargoes in Ports, Ships, manufacturers of Cranes and Construction Machinery, Steel Mills, Waste-To-Energy Plants and Recycling/Scrap Handling Industries.

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Baltic Workboats


Baltic Workboats AS has a strong track record for the design, build and delivery of steel and aluminum workboats for professionals around the world.

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Smart Own


We offer small and medium size passenger boats for the water transport industry. Our boats are equally popular among the small water taxi owners and the big corporations.

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IGUS E-Chains


IGUS chainflex® flexible cables resist a range of dangerous conditions, like extreme temperatures and oil, and can handle any type of motion, including horizontal, torsional or high speed.

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Comarco Group

Comarco is now the leading marine and specialised contractor, with over forty years experience in the region, owning and operating its own private port, fleet of tugs, barges, supply vessels and specialized equipment for offshore, on shore, and beaching operations.

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At Aeroqual, we design and deliver a variety of innovative air monitoring solutions across a range of industries. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations maintain air quality compliance and achieve project success through trusted, real-time data.

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LG Air Conditioners


Keep your home cool all year with LG’s Residential ACs. LG’s home air conditioners feature ultra-responsive controls, air purifying filters and anti-mosquito functions to help you create a safe, comfortable home.

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We have identified five social transformation processes that determine our everyday work. Together with the key factor of digital transformation, these megatrends determine our daily actions: urbanisation, water shortage, globalisation 2.0, climate change, and energy shortage.

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ISOPIPE S.A. is a production company in the field of flexible synthetic rubber foam insulation systems, ISOPIPE, and cast iron condensing boilers, TORRENT, for the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, ventilation, and cooling sectors, appropriate for industrial and household use.

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The Global Technology Leader in Demanding Indoor Air Solutions. We strive continuously to improve our net impact on the environment and society. Our goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2023 in scope 1 and 2.

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